Here at Scyberia, we provide a multitude of tools that will allow you to do amazing things – from flipping text upside down to generating iFrame code to creating passwords for various accounts.

Color Converter   Convert colors between RGB and hex
Date Utility   Find the day of the week
Dead Pixel Test   Test your screen for dead pixels
Email Extractor   Get emails from webpages or text
Flash Extractor   Extract embedded Flash files from webpages
Force Downloader   Force-download any file from a URL
img2ASCII   Image to ASCII text converter
IP Lookup   Find out your IP address and more.
Link Harvester   Get all outgoing links from a page
Matrix Animator   Matrix text effects
Matrix Solver   Row-reduce an inputted matrix
Online Text Editor   Edit rich-text online
Random Number Generator   Generate random numbers
Random String Generator   Generate random text strings
Reverse Color Lookup   Test hex colors
Text Flipper   Flip text upside-down
TryIt   Test HTML code
Website Status Checker   Check whether a website is down
WHOIS Lookup   Get WHOIS info for a website
Zip Utility   Zip and unzip files